Weight Loss Options

At KHAC, our number one goal is to get our clients and athletes to their goal.


Increase Metabolism

It is well known in the fitness and medical world now that the more muscle mass you have on your body the higher your metabolism is at rest or sitting. Fat burns 2 calories/lb of bodyweight compared to 6 cal/lb for muscle, so changing that composition can boost your metabolism up to 3 fold.

With all of that, a majority of our programs include weight training in some form to build muscle and trim the fat away as you do it.

Our classes include kettle bell workouts that are great for endurance and toning the muscle you already have.

Lady Lifters and Threshold Strength programs take it up a notch to where you are using relatively moderate to heavy weights to your bodyweight in order to get stronger and increase you muscle mass and tone. ( YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY!!!!!!!!!)

Finally, for that last extra mile, our USA Weightlifting coaches and personal trainers will help you get to that specific goal weight, load lifted, body fat percentage, competition, etc.


Nutrition Consultations



While following a great exercise or training plan is great. If you are not properly feeding your body to perform at the level we want, then its like a car running on E it will only go so far on fumes.

Our sports nutrition specialists can help give you some solid numbers to hit while guiding you towards eat healthier and more nutritious for a better lifestyle.


Personal Training

If you are new to this realm, just starting your journey, and need a guide, our personal trainers will help get you on the right path and walk/run with you until you hit your goal.

We do 1 on 1 privates and small group/team training