Lady Lifters

10 week small group training program with the primary purpose of introducing women to lifting (dumbbells, barbells, cables, machines) and giving them the confidence and knowledge to feel comfortable and empowered in the weight room 



Beginner class to prep for starting Threshold Strength. In these 4 personal training sessions, new members will learn all the foundational movements to succeed in Threshold. Starting with squats and presses, then kettlebells and hip extension, and finally learning the Olympic lifts, snatch and clean and jerk. 



Hour long classes lead by coaches who care. Weightlifting, endurance training, gymnastics, mobility and more.  Cross our threshold and we will teach you push past yours. 


ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT- Middle and High School

Want to get the athletic edge on your peers? We make athletes stronger, faster, more explosive, and help prevent injury and learning correct technique.  Every athlete can benefit from a personalized training plan! 



Join our registered USAW club. Learn and refine your skills in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Intro to Olympic Lifting, personalized programming,  and competition prep available. We can teach you something new and get you meet ready