Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The human body is one the single most amazing things and one of the most frustrating! Recently there has been this battle with my right hip. Its not just 1 issue either its like a cornucopia of crap. The past 2 months I haven't been squatting (much).  Which in weightlifting is a cardinal sin. I've spent time doing Jane Fonda style leg lifts with resistance bands, clam shells, single leg variations all while the frustration grows and a little resentment of the hip.

See, squatting was always my thing. No matter how much weightlifting slapped me around and called me a ninny I could ALWAYS end with a heavy squat session. I could always load a barbell and show it who's the boss. Now I am a squat neophyte learning the movement all over. Trying to pin point what exactly makes it flare up. I'm not going to lie its caused my motivation and love for the sport to waiver a bit, however I am finding my fire again. I'm no longer ignoring things on my programming sheet (sorry Joe). I know, I know, when you don't succeed do what your coach told you the first time!

Most people I know that lift or Crossfit have always said if I knew then what I know now Id be such a better athlete. Would you though? Probably, we wouldn't have that bull in a china shop mentality when attacking lifting or wods. The biggest thing is the dose of humble pie. The set back or growth however you look at it. I can no longer take my hips for granted- they are aging for goodness sake. I guess I have to be nice to them. So a little more yoga, more leg lifts, single leg variations and more. 

Learning “...avoidance of small mistakes makes the large ones more severe.” 
― Nassim Nicholas TalebAntifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder has been a lesson. I shall never stop learning from those who have more experience than me. I will continue to rehab the hip and do power variations if necessary. I will follow instructions like I am suppose to. I will smile through the frustration and not let my love die for this sport which has taught me more than I could possibly share. 

 The slightly disgruntled weightlifter :-) 

Chris Brockington