Heart Full of Barbells - 1st blog

This week I read an article from Catalyst Athletics. The name of the article is "The Clean: Don't Just Fall Down, Turn It Over" in the article there was one particular sentence that just stuck with me. "The barbell doesn't want to be where you're trying to put it-it wants to be on the floor where it started, and its going to do whatever it can to get back there. You have to force it to do what you want, and that requires constant action and attention. Wow, let that sink in.  In reference to lifting its something I have needed to work on but it impacted me more in the life category. 


How often are we the barbell on the floor, especially when it comes to our health and own fitness? Too often I hear Im too tired, too busy, I have this I have that and the list goes on. But in order to keep our health and wellbeing we have to force ourselves to do what we need/ have to do. Its a great parallel to say Life: Dont Just Fall Down Turn, It Over. Turn over a new leaf. Turn yourself over to forcing a new routine. The hardest part is getting started. Life will constatnly pull you in other directions, It will do whatever you to make you complacent and full of excuses. Instead be an athlete. An athelte for life. 


My coach always says if you have a body then you are an athlete. I truly believe that. Before my my journey into the fitness world I would have scoffed at that notion. Athletes are colligate level and professionals. But if you think of the day to day activites we do you start to realize that yes I am an athlete. Over the course of one day I lift kids out of bed, take trash out, pick up dog food, carry laundry baskets, put things back on high shelves, move, twist, bend, push, pull and more.  Starting a strength and conditioning program has helped me be more stable and less prone to injury. Once I shifted my focus to being a competetive weightlifter I have gained, strength, explosive power, confidence and much more. I can move more weight than I thought possible. At 32 I am accomlishing things I never thought possible. This requires my constant effort and attention. Dont be the barbell on the floor, how can we help break you off the floor, turn you over and help you get started?


Heres to caffiene, kilos and kids!


Chris Brockington